Friday, June 23, 2006

its in a weeks time. i cant say im excited. im jus lookin forward. im such a boring person. while surfing other blogs, do u often find yourself envying others? oh wad a happening life this person is leadin..that person is having so much fun..why is my life so boring..but many a times, things may not be what they seem.....i cant help but wonder how true or how exaggerated some of the entries might be.

bad day reason 1 : we walked to far east square only to find that theres no pizza hut there.
bad day reason 2 : todays night bladin session ended super earli cuz pinky had a tummyache.
bad day reason 3: my hair sux
made me smile reason 1 : u came to meet me for lunch!
made me smile reason 2 : i finished my tax case in half a day!
made me smile reason 3 : i kinda salvaged my hair. abit.

kboxing tmr!!

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