Friday, June 30, 2006

before they perform.. "i will just go out there and enjoy myself!"
after they sang, esp if they've got lousy comments.. "i have done my best, i enjoyed my performance thoroughly and i'm sure my fans enjoyed as well, so i have no regrets whatsoever"

oh come on.. almost every contestants in the wildcard show on wed said the same thing.. how boring can it be.. are they sure they mean what they said?

put yourself in their position, chasing the idol dream, booted out in the previous round, extremely lucky to get a second chance to prove their worth and advance. won't you grab hold of the precious opportunity instead of just "going out there to enjoy yourself"? you want to win it don't you?

and the comments after the performance is just as irritating as well. if you din sing well just admit it, whats the point of saying you will have no regrets, when you are going home to cry because you din put in your 100% effort or din show your true potential?

very hypocritical isnt it. maybe they shouldn interview those idol wannabes at all.. just let them sing and FO from the stage.. what's the point of interviewing them when everybody goes on and on about enjoying themselves and blablabla, never mentioned that they aimed to go out and sing like they are going to win it.

accept the fact that if a performer performs just to enjoy himself, then he is not a professional performer. there has to be the pressure to excel, or at least to perform to your maximum capabilities, not make the mistakes you've corrected in your training. but it is always hard to give a performance on stage that is as good as your best training session. speaking about all these from personal experience, albeit a bigger singing group.

ive struggled to decide if i should continue my passion (one that i hold so close during sec sch and jc), but i dunno if the passion is still burning as before. i dun like the pressure, i feel that i can only enjoy when there is no pressure to be the best, but that is difficult, what is the point of spending time to train if u dont aspire to be the best...

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