Sunday, May 28, 2006

i chanced upon this a couple of days back: hilarious 25 May entry on Circumcision

went venue scouting with daddy and mummy jus now. not one to my liking. despite the cheap free flow of drinks that one provided. i gave up my yatch idea cuz big ones were Ugly and small ones were too small. and some pple do get seasick. im desperate.

despite reconnoitring taka and wisma and paragon, i only ended up with one polo ralph sweatshirt. thanks dear, for accompanyin me. although all those that i liked, u didnt. haha by the way, how can someone eat dumplings and kway teow and still gobble up one whole popiah?!? i conclude, u are one BIG incinerator

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raymond said...

hey.. i was just curious to try if e popiah is good okie..


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