Monday, May 08, 2006

first day of my internship. im startin with audit. whatever i did todae seemed relatively easy. but what i hated most was the walk from the client's office to the station.

had lunch with 11 of what seemed like the most united group of colleagues ever. lao pasat was like ntu canteen, flooded with familar faces and arrogant students fr ****. whats with hanging their blue-strap passes over their neck everywhere they go. someone didnt even bear to take it off after work. loser. whats so great about gettin into that firm? didnt even need to go for an interview. haha i jus love sounding so bitchy

im lookin forward to learnin smth new tmr..but it realli sux y'noe.. i'll be all alone with the perms at shenton house. i don wan..pls put me back with the other interns

anyhow, i'll be meetin you for dinner tmr. glass house? or hrc? an hour more and YOU turn 21!!!!!


Cher said...

Oh! The man is turning 21? Whee! Happy 21st Raymond!

Raymond said...

thanks cher!


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