Monday, May 22, 2006

finally. role switch. i spent the whole of today in MS. its realli good workin in the cs dptmt. quiet and well distanced from the partners. i love it!

my first task was to type out share certs. the youngest shareholder: 17 yr old gal. lucky slut. well, i was introduced to an ancient invention -- the TYPEWRITER! -gasp- One that had erasing function. -double gasp- im sorry but i was delivered into the world in the desktop com era. i've seen it in the thousand and one companies i had worked for, but nv did any depend so wholly on it.

GSS is here. i wait for it every year but once its here i find absolutely nothin. save me somebody!! save me from the GSS curse!

Mei..if u're readin this, i was disappointed becuz of ur attitude, not jus becuz u dropped my ipod. i found your note deeply buried in my bag last night. though u picked up that trick fr me, it was realli sweet still..

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