Tuesday, May 02, 2006

elections rally heating up. and i have lots of burning issues to talk about.

why did dr chee get himself into trouble again? isnt there a better way to go about campaigning for democracy?

mr james gomez please come out and explain yourself, did u purposely staged that show to bring down public opinion of the election department and the system? your team in aljunied is strong. and i believe it has the highest chance out of all grc oppositions to get voted into parliament. but u may have just ruined the opportunity. din know of the security camera, did you?

you ppl go on and on critisizing this and that of the ruling party. easy to say, but what are your plans to change things? seldom hear of plans, only telling us whats wrong.. so what?

i am unhappy about alot of policies implemented.. but still.. i would rather have a government who can keep e country safe and clean, efficient and with progressive economy..

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