Saturday, May 13, 2006

dinner with you at lagoon jus now..barbequepork noodles and stingray! haha bet im makin u salivate. well, i succumbed to fresh apple juice becuz the air smelt jus like it.

after that it was chitchatting at auntie may's place. ryan n ken started throwing plastic balls at the girls. then we headed to ruth'e place for "red water". some b grade shark show. didnt realli catch much of it cuz heather was busy askin me bout every sentence she heard. anyhow, pics below:

--we weren't exactly sitting on that swing. thats how good our zhan ma bu skills are.
--max pretendin to be jap
--ken feeding me with his dirty fingers. only to be found out by me upon consumption of that twistie. damn it
--hungry relatives (heather obviously angered by kim's indeliberate attempt to block her)
--hungry relatives
--knocking heads!

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