Sunday, April 02, 2006

They play golf during office hour. They smoke as and where they like (even outside the office at the corridor), although there are rules stating that smoking is only allowed in designated area. They command us to do their work and earn the credit themselves. They are good at talking, but not doing. They come to work at whatever time they feel like, they knock off anytime they feel like. they have POOR command of english, really poor, a pri sch kid can do better. They have 30+ days leave a year, remember there's still such a thing as off in this particular organisation. They hang around in canteen during office hour, and read newspaper during office hour.

Im complaining, because their salary are from taxpayers. If u get what i mean...

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silver said...

saw both(different person as "Full of Shit" is talking about) calling each other at 11am asking each other to play golf !! it's a friday..
so they both had a "official" half day on a friday.. it's a paid half day btw..


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