Saturday, March 11, 2006

this is what im going to do to your doggie! hahaha! yes.. thats a can of beer..


who else but me?~ said...

u...u...u..u..if u ever ever do that, i'll cut your fav shirt and scribble on your man u posters and hide pantyliners in your pockets. and may your butt grow to the size of an oversized baboon's

Cher said...

heyhey, this font size and colour is good! hehe, thanks!

eh rach? u got dog now? since when?! i want to play with doggie!!!!

who else but me?~ said...

got got..2 shihtzus, 2 cavaliers and a goldern retriever. they live happily together and practise abstinence from all food and drinks with alcoholic content! haha


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