Friday, March 10, 2006


first, the shocking news: 'More Singaporeans die committing suicide than from traffic accidents. An average of one Singaporean dies from committing suicide every day.'

i'm not bullshitting.. This is according to statistics revealed at the 2nd Asia Pacific Suicide Prevention Conference which bring together experts from around the region.

now, the superduper shocking news: 'Even then, Singapore's suicide rates are one of the lowest in Asia.'

and there is a rising trend of youth killing themselves, and suicide is the second main cause of death among girls under 20 and the third among boys of that age.

women are more likely to attempt suicide then men and in Singapore, most of the female teenagers who kill themselves do so because of relationship problems as well as study stress. at the same time, psychologists also say that those who are single and unemployed are more likely to attempt suicide.

is it that life is really stressful now as compared to olden days, or are mankind weaker now as compared to their forefathers?

come on, you don't have a right to live anyway if you choose to take away your own life, but the point is, treasure your life! whenever i feel depressed, i think about project superstar Kelvin Tan. a visually- handicapped guy winning a national competition and cutting his own album, supported by many locals, young and old included. i am not one to go crazy over actors and singers (soccer stars maybe), but i admire him for his courage. i would be happy if i have half his determination..

its never the end of the world until you give up.. cheer up!

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Lone Commenter said...


I imagine that part of the problem though is that some people feel that there is no other way out.
Or that there is no place to vent how they feel.

Shame it is.

Hopefully things will change though...


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