Thursday, March 16, 2006

foreign worker

saw some foreign workers constructing a overhead bridge on my way home.. begin wondering.. what if all of them go on a strike for whatever reason (demand more pay, or when their countries are at war with s'pore etc). this thought has crossed my mind before, thus i decided to create an entry about the issue.

i have seen how they lay structure for for houses and bridges, and i can say its all not easy. i wonder how many of us, educated s'poreans can replace them if ever they decide to stop working in our country. i feel vulnerable for our country, as we are so dependent on these workers from china and india for work that s'porean shun, like painting the kerb, road works, construction and the likes. if they start to realize, and understand how impt they are to our economy and life, and if they decide to blackmail us for higher pays and better work benefits.. our goverment will have to give in.

to be more positive, china and india are two developing countries with high population, so i believe if they decide to try anything funny, there are waiting eagerly to replace them back at their homeland.

such is the dependant on 'foreign talents' and its safe to say its happening round the world, not only in singapore. singapore was grouped with new zealand and canada for the commonwealth games table tennis prelim rounds.. and the shocking thing is that paddlers from nz and canada are all from china, yes, right.. china-born canadian and nzealander 'foreign talents'. if im not wrong s'pore team consists of 2 china-born. so its all china versus china. i wonder whats on the chinese's mind when they play against their compatriots, all wearing different flags on their sleeves.

i can only guess...

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