Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cher's bdae. i love this pic. it jus brings back fond memories of jc life. attended lectures together, skipped lectures/one whole semester of badminton PE/maths/econs/GP/chinese/chem together, walked fr one end of the sch to e other jus to use e toilet dat we wanted to. the mac breakfast. the sneaks thru the main gate durin recess. and not to mention the running away from our beloved jiangjin. i loved every bit of it!

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Cher said...

Yup yup, some of the memories are so sweet and fond isnt it? Not forgetting the auditorium, the bubble tea and waffles trips, the traffic light! My gawd, how could u forgot the T junction at the traffic light?? =)) JC life wouldn't be the same without you babe! *muacks**


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